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ASUS Launches Thin & Powerful Zenbooks With Intel Whiskey Lake

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ASUS has taken their revolutionary Zenbook notebooks to the next level with thinner and more powerful new notebooks featuring Intel’s upcoming Whiskey Lake CPU’s.

The New lineup includes the Zenbook 13, 14 and 15 along with a Zemnbook flip as well that were revealed at IFA earlier today. Not only the notebooks thinner and quieter than ever, they even come with discrete NVIDIA GPU’s starting with an MX 150 on the Zenbook 13, to a GTX 1050 Max Q on the 14 and 15 making them viable for gaming combined with the new Whiskey Lake processors.

What’s even better is that they don’t sacrifice on connectivity features in hopes of slimming down like a macbook with 2 standard USB ports, a FULL HDMI port and USB Type C port.

The notebooks also feature a new hinge design, similar to the the Zephyrous S that lifts the entire notebook up when the flap is opened. While ASUS claims this is a bit more ergonomic, I’d say the biggest advantage is the increased airflow to keep this thin notebook running a few degrees cooler for sure.

An interesting new feature is a toggle numpad built into the touchpad of the Zenbook 13 and 14. With the press of a button on the touchpad not only does it turn into a numpad, but continues to function as a mouse touchpad as well. The Zenbook 15 doesn’t have this feature because it ships with a full size keyboard.

Another neat trick is that ASUS has not removed the webcam in order to keep the notebook smaller and bezels as thin as possible, instead they have put in a smaller more powerful camera that is sharper and produces less grainy images and video. In fact the Zenbook 13 boasts a 95% screen to body ratio and claims to be the most compact 13″ laptop in the world

All in all ASUS has taken their renowned Zenbook lineup of notebooks and made them sleeker and more powerful without any compromises. The pricing unfortunately is still a mystery at this point, but you can expect to find this around the current Zenbook lineup of notebooks give or take a few hundred dollars.


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