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New ASUS Zephyrous S : Slimmest Gaming Laptop In The World ?

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ASUS has unveiled the new ROG Zephyrus S, an even thinner variant of the popular Max Q flagship gaming notebook.

The Zephyrus S may well be the worlds thinnest gaming notebook at approximately 15mm, but it doesn’t sacrifice on power as it comes with an i7 8750H and a Max Q design GTX 1070. In terms of display its got a 144hz 3ms IPS panel to make sure you can enjoy the extra power of the GPU without sacrificing refresh rate or quality. In fact they have managed to fit in a 15″ Display(measured Diagonally) into a 14″ in chassis(measured horizontally) which despite the a bit of trickery, is quite impressive. A big display without a big chassis is always welcome.

While the Zephyrous when announced last year was truly revolutionary, it’s battery life was beyond woeful at approximately 30 minutes, without gaming. That seems to be one of the key areas they have focused on with the Zephyrus S and it is said to last up to 7 hours.

Being a thin laptop, the cooling of the Zephyrous S is essential in making it a viable laptop and ASUS have included 2×83 blade fans in their Active Aerodynamic System from the original Zephyrous. When the laptop is opened the monitor hinge also lifts the notebook allowing greater airflow to help keep the 4 heatsinks (twice as many as the original Zephyrous) disseminating heat as fast as possible.

A software revamp in the form of the Armoury Crate aims to give an overhaul of how you monitor and control your laptops performance and is a much welcome addition to the ASUS Notebooks. You can overclock, control your Aura Sync Lighting and more from one very well designed app now.

The Intel Core i7-8750H CPU in the Zephyrus S combined with the Max Q GTX 1070 is backed by DDR4 2666MHz memory and NVMe® storage, the configurations for India aren’t available at this point. It’s got USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C™ (USB-C™) and full-size HDMI 2.0 ports to support multiple external monitors as well.

Overall it’s a great new version of the Zephyrus and with the improved Battery becomes a very viable, albeit still probably quite expensive thin gaming notebook.

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