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ILG Season 2 Boosts Indian Esports With INR 1 Crore Prize Pool

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Indian Lan Gaming is back with its cafe oriented Esports event that boasts a massive INR 1 Crore Prize Pool across 90 events over the course of the year.

Season 2 of ILG expands its horizons to include many more games this time around with the main titles of CS GO, DOTA 2 and FIFA 18 being joined by Overwatch, Call of Duty, Rocket League, PUBG & Rainbow Six Siege. Not only have the number of games increased, there is a sizable prize pool attached to each one!

The tournaments start in April 2018 and are FREE to enter. The initial rounds will take place in cafe’s across the country with the grand finals in October 2018 most likely at LXG Bangalore. Teams can get more information and start the registration process on the Official ILG Website.

All the ILG matches will be broadcast on Facebook, YouTube & Twitch with top notch quality thanks to their head broadcaster Kiran Shadeslayer” Noojibail.

The event partners Logitech are also giving gamers a chance to win some amazing hardware throughout ILG with winners and participants standing a chance to win some accessories through a unique Spin to Win wheel!

The Overall Prizepool focuses on the main games: CS GO, DOTA 2 & FIFA 18. However there are sizable amounts up for grabs for the community & showcase titles of Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG & Overwatch as well

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