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Ubisoft Opening New Studio In Mumbai

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Ubisoft is adding two new studios to their time with one joining their European lineup in Odesa, Ukraine and the second one right here in Mumbai, India.

Ubisoft Mumbai, set to open its doors in June is going to be their second studio in India after Ubisoft Pune, however it is expected to be taking on larger projects than the Pune outfit.

“Our ambition is to contribute towards the development of the Indian videogame ecosystem by partnering closely with top schools and institutions,” said Jean-Philippe Pieuchot, managing director for Ubisoft Pune and Ubisoft Mumbai.

The studio will be hiring up to 100 developers locally and will be working closely with IIT Mumbai to research topics focused on Machine Learning and AI. The studio will also be running a Game Art Design program, a comprehensive 4 year education and training course for aspiring gaming industry professionals in partnership with Intuit Lab.

While the new is certainly exciting for the Indian industry, it doesn’t mean we’re going to be seeing AAA games coming out of India just yet. The studio is expected to work in a support capacity for the likes of Ubisoft Montreal on their AAA projects, Maybe in a few years we might start seeing smaller titles and expansions before we get a whiff of some AAA magic from India; but the future is definitely looking bright for gaming in India.

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