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HP Strengthens Gaming Portfolio In India With More Omen Products

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After making waves in the gaming industry last year with their Omen by HP launch, HP has gone ahead and smashed the ceiling with their top of the line products that are now available in India.

Omen by HP is targeting the 1% with their new range of products that redefine what it means to be premium. Starting with their flagship notebook the Omen X, which features up to a GTX 1080, Overclockable CPU & Memory in addition to a mechanical keyboard and 144hz Refresh rate display; this is a notebook that will put most desktops to shame! However it does come at a cost with the start price at over 2 lakhs and the highest SKU available for approximately 3.2 Lakhs!

The notebook isn’t the only addition to the Omen lineup with an Omen X  Compact Desktop that doubles as a VR Backpack that was also on display along with their new  HP Mixed Reality headset; though in all honesty i have no idea why its called a VR backpack and Mixed Reality Headset, why not just VR Headset ? The Headset works with most if not all VR games and apps and features a 1440×1440 displays according to their spec sheet!

The highlight however was the Omen X Desktop, the gorgeous Cube that was originally launched last year but has made its way to India now! It can be specced up to a GTX 1080 and you can add an additional GPU for SLI as well.  It comes with a godly i9 processor and can take up to 3 x120mm liquid cooled radiators for those looking to push it to the limit. It even features interesting HDD bays that can allow you to plug and play new devices from the OUTSIDE, something that’s not seen in other desktops let alone pre made ones. The idea seems to be centered around providing a powerful premade PC that can also cater to DIY gamers’ needs! The price however isn’t going to be cheap as you probably guessed from the specs with the Omen X Desktop set to retail upwards of INR 4 Lakhs when it becomes available in a few weeks or so!

Overall Omen by HP is certainly looking at hitting that WOW factor with their lineup of products, but with most of them out of reach for 99% of the gamers will it really help ?


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