Middle earth: Shadow of War Will Have Microstransactions

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Arguably one of the most anticipated games coming out this year, Middle Earth Shadow of War just dropped a massive bombshell that it will contain microtransactions.

A recent update from developer Monolith Productions confirmed the presence of a marketplace and loot chests that players can use to improve and strengthen their army in the fight against Mordor. These Loot Chests and War Chests will contain XP boosts and training orders for your orc followers to help customize and level them up.

These can be purchases either through in game currency called Mirian, something available throughout the game world bu completing missions like Taking out Treasure Orcs, salvaging items, destroying orc followers or just exploring. However you can also buy these chests using Gold another in game currency that can be bought with real world money from the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store or your Steam Wallet.

“Gold is a form of in-game currency awarded in small amounts at specific milestones and for participating in community challenges,” say developer Monolith. “It can also be purchased for real money”

While the developer has stated that no content is locked behind these microtransactions,and they exist purely to “save time”; I still feel its not a good decision to include Microstransactions in a full price game. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be going the evolve route which basically made you pay for the game twice with all the microtransactions.

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor will for the first time be exploring in more detail Shelob and her vested interest in the fate of Middle Earth with her playing a major role in the game.

You can read more on the microtransaction system from the official blog

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