Overwatch Summer Games Event Is Back

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The popular Overwatch Summer games are coming back next week with new skins.

While the popular seasonal event was tied to the summer Olympics last time around, it is back this time with some new skins on offer as well. The event will start on 8th August and will run till 29th and will make all of last years special content available once again. The good news is that while the new skins will cost the standard 3000 gold, all of last years skins will be available for much less.

In addition to skins, the event will also bring back the popular Lucioball mode where overpowered Lucio’s play their own version of football, arguably one of the most enjoyable modes they’ve introduced so far. This time around it will be bringing back the Rio stadium along with a brand new location in Sydney, Australia. Game director, Jeff Kaplan also mentioned Blizzard will be adding a competitive mode for Lucioball for the entire 3 week duration of the event


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