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Meet Shelob | Middle Earth Shadow Of War Shelob Trailer

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In the latest trailer from Middle Earth: Shadow of War we got an interesting look at Shelob.

The mysterious female character from the previous trailer turns out to be none other than Shelob herself. It seems from first glance that Shelob has a vested interest in the fate of Middle Earth and somehow posses¬†the ability to the wield the ring of power crafted by Celebrimbor and Talion. The ring seemingly allows her to take human form and share wraith like visions of Middle Earth’s impending doom. Its still unclear how she fits into the main story, but one thing is for certain; she’s not going to be your ally forever.

The story of Middle Earth Shadow of War revolves around Talion and Celebrimbor taking the fight to Sauron by building their own army; however there seems to be a lot of friction between the two as well. The game definitely looks to be shaping up well but has massive shoes to fill with its predecessor Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor being universally acclaimed as one of the best games when it came out.

Middle Earth Shadow of War is set to launch on October 24th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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