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Anthem Revealed At Xbox E3

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Bioware’s newest IP Anthem got a lengthy showcase at the Xbox E3 conference and boy does it look good!

The latest IP from Bioware is set as a coop shooter with an experience similar to what Destiniy offers; players grouping up for open world PVEĀ missions. You are freelancer with a powerful exo-suits and your job is to explore the treacherous world outside the wall. Players will have access to multiple exo-suits known as javelins each with their own unique abilities and loadouts. These are completely customizable and caters to different playstyles.

The hostile world of Anthem allows you and your friends to take on massive threats alone or together with seamless drop in drop out multiplayer with the trailer showcasing two players dropping in while exploring. The game also has tiered enemies with tougher ones dropping legendary weapons and so on. It seems like Anthem is being positioned against Destiny 2 with a similar kind of PVE experience. What Anthem does have going for it right now is its gorgeous visuals that were running native 4K on Xbox One X and interesting gameplay; it remains to be seen how the open world functions and whether or not we get a visual downgrade before launch as has been the trend for games so far.

Anthem is set to launch on Xbox One X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in 2018 with some sort of a content deal for Xbox users.


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