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Destiny 2 Reveal: Confirmed For PC After Console Launch

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Bungie held a livestream yesterday that gave us our first look at Destiny 2 gameplay. With all the improvements and additions coming to the sequel, they sure seem to have come a long way.

Destiny 2 is being directed by Luke Smith, who also directed Destiny’s expansion The Taken King. While vanilla Destiny didn’t hit the right notes with critics, The Taken King managed to impress everyone and got players interested in Destiny once again. Speaking at the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event, Luke Smith said that Destiny 2 will be much bigger and better than its prequel.

While there are elements being taken from Destiny 1 for the sequel, the game still feels like a new beginning. Destiny 2 will feature 4 new planets – Nessus, Titan, IO, and Earth with an entire new location called European Dead Zone. Players will be able to choose from various landing zones on each planet and begin their adventures at their will. Exploration is a big part of Destiny 2, and after you land at any location, you’ll be able to partake in new patrols, public events, go loot hunting with the help of treasure maps, and explore dungeons. Lost sectors, a new event in Destiny 2, will have players dive into dungeons which will have bosses to defeat and treasure chests to unlock.

Apart from this, the game will feature lots of story missions, more PvP including a new game mode Countdown, new characters tied into the story, a lot more of cinematics than the entire Destiny 1 and its expansions, and a brand new raid. A new social space has been incorporated into the European Dead Zone itself and its seems like players will be able to walk freely into it, while on Earth, without having to go through a loading screen.

Speaking of loading screens, Bungie has now eliminated the need to go to orbit every time you want to go to a new location. Players can now travel from planet to planet, thus smoothing out the overall gameplay experience. A lot of new side characters will also be introduced that will send players on various side quests, and will feature a story of their own. As for the crucible, 6v6 and 3v3 modes have been replaced with a standard 4v4 mode. The new crucible Countdown will have 4 players attack or defend two particular sites, where the attacking team must successfully plant a bomb to win the round; something similar to CS:GO.

Hunter, Warlock and Titan classes return to Destiny 2 with all three subclasses revamped for the sequel. A fourth subclass was also shown off – Dawnblade for the Warlock, Sentinel for the Titan and Arcstrider for the Hunter. Apart from grenades, melees and supers, a new ability has been added to each class that adds a whole new level of gameplay. Titans for example can set up barriers and Warlocks can drop pools that give damage buff to the team.

Gunplay also has changed, with the elimination of special and heavy weapon slots. Instead, players can now equip two primary weapons, one with elemental damage and one kinetic. The third slot will allow players to equip shotguns, snipers, fusion rifles, swords, grenade launchers and rocket launchers. Machine guns have been removed and have been replaced by submachine guns.

While all these changes are great for Destiny 2, the biggest and best feature that Bungie have added is Clans and Guided Games. No longer will you be required to visit websites to find players to play with. The game will have an in-built feature to join various clans, design their own banner and give an apt name and description to it. Moreover, playing with clans will be fruitful as any member completing activities will result in all clan members earning various rewards. Guided Games is another great new feature that will allow players to help find other players for end game content like Nightfall Strikes and Raids via matchmaking.

Bungie also showed off a new cinematic trailer, a new gameplay trailer and the first mission – Homecoming from the game, which you can watch in the video below. Furthermore, Activision and Bungie have partnered with Blizzard for Destiny 2 PC version and the game and will be available exclusively on However, it seems as though Destiny 2 will release after it does on consoles, as Luke Smith wants to ensure a smooth launch for PC. No release date for PC has been announced yet.

Destiny 2 will release on 8th September 2017 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and Project Scorpio, and for PC soon after. The game will be locked at 30 fps on consoles, with the PlayStation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio running the game at 4K resolution. As for PC, the game will have full 4K support with an uncapped framerate, adjustable FOV slider, customizable key mapping and 21:9 monitor support.


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