Circle Of Cricket Fantasy League Launched For PC, Android and iOS

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With IPL already on the block, an entertaining way of indulging into cricket is through the recent craze for fantasy cricket league. Keeping that in mind, TSD Corp and CricBattle in partnership have a created a a game that feeds the cricketer and gamer in you called ‘Circle of Cricket Fantasy League’.

Circle of Cricket Fantasy League functions on the basis of live cricket. Users join a league where they form a team from the pool of players who are playing in a particular match. Based on every player’s performance on the field, users score points and likewise win cash prizes or merchandise. Team selection is done in two distinct ways –

  • Salary Cap – Each player has a salary designated to him; each user gets a fixed budget to form the team.
  • Draft – Users take their turn in selecting the players.

The game stands out from other fantasy platforms in terms of being the only one to offer customized leagues i.e. users can make their own point system, users can challenge other online users, and it is the only platform that offers the draft format.

Circle of Cricket Fantasy League is available on iOS, Android and Desktop Online.

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