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Civilization VI – First Look: Australia

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The latest country to join the fray in Civilization VI is Australia, led by its 14th Prime Minister, John Curtain.

The illustrious politician held office from 1941 and 1945. Curtain is most famously known for his progressive social reform and civic responsibility and his death on July 5, 1945 while in office.

Australia’s unique ability is “Land Down Under” which gives their cities extra housing while built on coastal tiles along with bonus yields for their other structures. Their unique unit is “The Digger”, an infantry unit which will get additional attack when fighting near water or when in enemy territory.

Australia’s unique tile is “The Outback Station”. The Outback Station is upgradable and will offer adjacent pastures bonus food along with giving them the ability to steal adjacent pastures from other civilizations. To close off, Curtain’s special ability is “Citadel of Civilization” and this will boost production at the start of a defensive war and when it liberates a city.

A date for when Australia will be available hasn’t been announced yet. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is currently available on the PC and is part of the ongoing Humble Civilization Bundle.

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