Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review

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Civilization has always been a franchise that has stood strong and over the years hasn’t been shy to try different things but with Civilization VI it has finally come up with the perfect mix to give us the game franchise deserves.

Civilization VI offers much of the same experience the franchise has over the past few iterations, however few new changes help add so much more depth to city management and evolution. While the tile system continues , cities now have districts for various upgrades like economic, research, commercial and industrial hubs which then server as centers for their respective production and upgrades. These in turn can also be plundered for their respective resources. To ensure each city’s progression and upgrade you need to carefully manage our resources and amenities like entertainment and housing  with each city require individual management and care, as opposed to a previous nationwide


Additionally another big change with the game comes with wonders that not occupy their own tiles within a cities borders and have their own requirements like having to be place on a forest tile, hill side or river and can of course only exist in one city in the world. The animations for the wonder construction are quite impressive and Sean Bean’s monologues make the it a much more enjoyable experience.

City management aside, Civilization VI has reintroduced the merging of military units through the formation of crops of two units and armies of three units of the same type. These however need to be unlocked via researches, but its a big step towards reducing the end game clutter on the map.

There are 20 civilizations in the game, however a new feature introduced adds multiple leaders for the same civilization each with their own unique agendas, bonuses and attitude. However the only civilization to feature multiple leader right now is Greece, I expect more to be added in the near future.


In terms of opponent AI, you face off against a mix of AI nations and City States. City states are smaller independent political entities that you can trade with, send envoys to and even conquer. So they add a new dynamic to the political scenario of each game. The other Civ leaders now have more depth as each leader now has his or her own agenda, making it easier to figure out why they are pissed off with you. However one problem remains and that is the irrational behaviour of the AI players. You get denounced every few turns and they just have a horrible habbit of starting unprovoked wars, but in case you manage to hang in there and fight them off, they themselves will eventually send a peace offer that you can keep rejecting before they eventually fold and give you a hefty sum of gold.

You in turn can also bash an AI civilization for a while before they offer a whole lot of gold and resources. Another great strategy is that you can even trade great works of art and artifacts for gold and resources, making them a hefty bargaining chip towards the late game should you decide not to pursue a cultural victory; in the event you manage to capture a spy, then you have the strongest bargaining chip of all as the AI is usually ready to give up anything apart from a city to get them back.

Another huge customizable feature in Civilization is that of your government. Based on your researches you get to choose one of several forms of government that allow you to enact policy cards that give bonuses, but depending on your type of government you get a limited amount of slots for each type of policy card; to unlock your desired policy card you can focus on particular civic researches to work towards the exact government bonuses you desire. In terms of multiplayer you can play with friends online or locally through hotseat multiplayer, though online gets a bit chaotic as its a simultaneous turn based format which gets crazy towards the end.


Overall Civilization VI is probably the most complete and function game in the franchise and makes for an amazing playing experience. It maintains the same art style and with its great soundtrack to complement each of the nations its a great audio visual experience. In terms of gameplay, the AI is still quite unpredicatable and you should be prepared for games that last at least 10 hours over a few sittings if you’re not a hard core player. Its definitely the best Civilization game i’ve played till date and its definitely a must have for strategy and 4X fans.


Customizable government is great
New city districts work well
Military Stacking makes late game less cluttered
Great Music
Sean Bean’s narration


AI is downright crazy at times
Not enough civlizations feature the new second leader
Most games take too long for the average player
Long load times




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