Civilization VI – First Look: Rome

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As the launch of Civilization VI keeps drawing nearer, we get to see more new additions to the game rosters along with their leaders. The latest reveal features one of history’s oldest military states, Rome being led by none other than Trajan.

Rome’s special ability, “All roads lead to Rome” ensures to keep the coffers overflowing with gold as basic cities start with Trading Posts and all other cities within line of the trade route also come with Trading Posts. Trade routes will also earn extra gold as they pass through Trading Posts in Rome’s own cities.

The unique unit, Legion is a versatile and very utilitarian. The unit is much more expensive than the common swordsman which is replaces but also is much more expansive since they can double as military engineers to build forts and frontline bases.

Aqueducts are replaced by Baths, this time around and these special districts will provide extra amnesties and housing. Trajan’s Column, the emperor’s special ability will add a free building to all cities at the start and this will most probably be a monument.

Civilization 6 releases for the PC on October 21, 2016.

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