Civilization VI – First Look: Summeria

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Civilization VI’s next reveal is the ancient juggernaut that was Sumeria, led by the man oft referred to as the first king of the ancient world and a supposed demigod, Gilgamesh and is said to have ruled over the city of Uruk for over 126 years.

Sumeria’s special ability “Epic Quest” gives them an additional Tribal Village reward every time a Barbarian Outpost is captured. The unique unit, War Cart will be the backbone of Sumeria’s expansion with its open terrain bonuses and advantages over both spearmen and cavalry.

The Ziggurat is Sumeria’s unique improvements which provides science as well as culture when built adjacent to a river but cannot be built on a hill. As a supporter of war, Gilgamesh’s special ability “Adventures with Enkidu” which will share pillage rewards and experience when fighting joint wars with the closest allied units within five tiles.

An early game aggressive civilization, Sumeria is all set to conquer in Civilization VI releasing for the PC on October 21, 2016.

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