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Scythia Added To Civilization VI

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Scythia makes its debut as a playable civilization in Civilization VI lead by Queen Tomyris.

Assuming the throne in 530 BC, the most famous tale of Tomyris is her clash with the Persian Ruler Cyrus which ended in bitter defeat for the latter. The Scythians are a civilization based on pastures and farmland and as such embody these features in their special units and tile improvements.

The Scythian’s special unit is the Saka Horse Archer which can harass large groups of soldiers due to its high mobility. It is also an easy unit to construct since it doesn’t require horse resources. The Scythian’s passive bonuses including higher damage to wounded units and healing after winning a battle. Their unique tile upgrade is in the form of the Krugan, giant stone monoliths used to inter the dead. These tiles which will yield bonus gold and faith when built near pastures. The Kurgans however can’t be built on hills and adjacent to each other.

For more information on Scythia and Tomyris, check here. Civilization VI releases for the PC on October 21, 2016.

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