The Division Underground DLC Review

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The reception to Tom Clancy’s The Division was divided. While some appreciated the loot driven nature of the game as well as the Rogue mechanics of the Dark Zone, others thought it was a grind fest without any personality as you fought the same 2-3 types of enemies over and over again. Through multiple patches, some bugs were fixed but new ones were created. After releasing its first major paid expansion, The Underground DLC on Xbox One and PC earlier this year, Ubisoft has now released this add-on for PS4 owners.

With the Underground DLC, Ubisoft has focused purely on the co-operative and loot aspects of the game. After a brief introduction mission, players need to get to a brand new HUB area called The Terminal. All of the usual services are available in the area including a special vendor. Those expecting new story missions with a completely new zone to explore will be left disappointed as this DLC focuses on randomly generated content.

Division Underground

Think of it like a player created dungeon with random rooms and objectives. The party leader must select from a list of pre-sets to create it as the teams hops on a train to get to the location. The selections consist of difficulty, number of phases and Directives that act like handicaps. Underground has its own progression system, which unfortunately locks the few interesting things about this DLC behind your Underground Rank. Considering the common theme of grinding, you need to grind some more in the same types of missions to increase your Underground Rank to then tackle the more interesting ones, which are not worth the effort.

The missions offer more of what you expect from the game. Get to a room, kill all enemies, collect the loot, restock and then repeat. Combat was my favourite part of the Division and this just adds more of it. But unlike the missions presented in the main game or even the systems that are incorporated in the Dark Zone, the randomly generated nature removes all context. It turns The Division into even more of a grind fest than it originally was. All of the environmental variety is gone after a few missions so you are left with going through similar locations and fighting the same enemies for the promise of better loot.

Division Underground 2

Underground is completely fine as the first paid expansion of the game. I still feel the ideas behind it were painfully uninspired, and Ubisoft should’ve gone back to the drawing board to bring something fresh, instead of making it even more repetitive and monotonous. Other add-ons that are a part of the Season Pass, need to be filled with interesting content. The Division needs an overhaul similar to The Taken King to make it a better game.


Core combat is still fun
Partying up and getting into a mission is fast and easy


Repetitive structure
Randomly generated missions was a boring idea
In bad need of variety




Ubisoft Massive
Third Person Shooter
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