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AMD Announces RX 460, 2GB & 4GB India Pricing

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AMD is really gearing up to take the budget end PC gaming market by storm. Last week they announced the launch of the RX 470, the little brother of the much beefier RX 480, and this week, they have officially released the third and final card that was showcased at the PC Gamer conference this June, the RX 460.

The first Polaris 11 card to see the light of day, the RX 460 comes in two variants, a 2 GB version and a 4 GB version. With a 128 bit memory interface and 18 Compute Units and 896 stream processors, it is not going to blow games out of the water, however, what it will allow is much wider access to PC games for gamers on a budget.

Priced at INR 11,990 for the 2GB version and INR 13,490 for the 4 GB version, the cards are ideally priced for gamers working on a tight budget. With low power consumption being the headliner for this card and the fact that AMD is promising console level graphics, it will be interesting to see how this card holds up in non eSports games.

While the prices listed above are only for the reference model, expect the AIB partners to come up with variants in the same neighborhood. We are currently benchmarking a Sapphire Nitro RX 460 and plan to have the review out in a few days’ time.

Along with the Sapphire card, Gigabyte have also announced that they will be launching a dual fan WINDFORCE OC edition of the RX 460 for both the 2 and 4 GB versions. Both these cards will feature a factory overclock with the boost clock being souped up to 1212 Mhz. There is still no word on pricing or availability of these cards and we will update you the moment we get the news.

As for the reference models, expect to see the 2GB variant of the RX 460 in stores within the next week while the 4 GB variant will hit the shelves by early September.


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