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AMD RX 470 Launched, Price Revealed

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AMD’s motto with Polaris up till now has been very clear, they are for the gamers, not the top 1-5%, but for the rest of us who can’t afford the mighty 1080s and Fury Xs and are more than happy playing games at Full HD resolutions and getting the best possible performance out of their GPUs. Well with that in mind, AMD has gone ahead and officially decided to launch the RX 470.

The younger brother to the phenomenal RX 480, the RX 470 promises to deliver a fantastic and unparalleled gaming experience on the latest titles at FHD resolutions, the most popular resolution as per Steam. With 4GB of VRAM, 32 compute units and 2048 stream processors and up to 4.9 teraflops of processing power at a stated TDP of merely 120 Watts, the RX 470 may just be the go to GPU for most gamers looking for the best price to performance ratio while playing at 1080p.

Whether the card delivers on the hype still remains to be seen and we will be posting our video review of the card very very soon, so stay tuned for that. As for pricing, the RX 470 will be priced at $179. AMD is still to decide on Indian pricing as of now, so we will have it to you as soon as it’s out, but expect it to be around INR 17000 seeing as the RX 480, the 8GB edition now retails for INR 22990.

We already have our RX 470 with us and will have our review up shortly. We will talk about it online on our upcoming livestream on YouTube tonight.

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