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Nvidia Reveals GTX 1060: First Look

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After weeks of leaked images and benchmarks, Nvidia has finally revealed the GTX 1060 to try and compete with AMD’s aggressive moves on the lower end of the PC gaming market.

The GTX 1060 is Nvidia’s answer to mid-range pc gamers who can’t really stretch their budget to accommodate a 1070 let alone a 1080 and must be quite tempted by the RX 480 and its performance.

Being dubbed ‘The King’s Son’, The GXT 1060 packs 6GB of GDDR5 RAM and base clock of 1506 mhz and boost clock of 1708 mhz.  The card has a 192 bit memory interface and boasts 1280 cuda cores. The recommended power draw for the card is an impressive 120W. The most surprising part however is the omission of an SLI bridge, meaning unless Nvidia miraculously invent bridgeless sli you won’t be running two cards anytime soon; though in all honesty if you can afford two 1060’s you might as well buy a single 1070.

We got our 1060 a while ago and you can take a look at the card unboxing and RX 480 physical comparison below, however you will have to wait till 14th July 2016 till the review embargo lifts for the benchmarks. As of now, there is no availability or pricing details on the card but you can expect that information when our benchmark video comes out in 1 week.


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